If it’s digital, we do it!

Dauterman Consulting Group (DCG) develops technology solutions for companies across the United States. Our solutions include data, voice, video and other key information technologies. These technologies are then deployed over enterprise network solutions to fully support customers’ company goals and business opportunities. DCG works with the most brilliant and creative technologists and strategists of the US. Our professional acumen and demand of cultural commitment serves as a vital link to our customers success.

Business Consulting
The Dauterman Technology Strategy Consulting (TSC) services provides certified, onsite enterprise consulting to solve your business computer problems. The engine of our TSC services is our Enterprise Strategy Consultants (ESC). All ESCs are senior-level consultants from DCG who work onsite under the supervision of the customer’s executive staff.

Computer Support
We offer professional grade computer services for all hardware manufacturers. Dauterman service technicians are A+ Certified to work on your PC’s, monitors and printers. You can depend on our technicians to have complete certifications and a customer service focus.

Digital Media Service
Located in the Central Valley of California, DCG enjoys being situated between Hollywood and the Silicon Valley. DCG serves the US as a Windows Media Service Provider (WMSP), offering digital solutions including; production, content management and encoding of streaming digital video for deployment in multiple medias including; television, internet, intranet, and DVD.

Internet Services
DCG creates professional grade websites. This cuts your costs drastically and puts you in the drivers seat of your website. Our methods of design, development and training will save you more money that any web design firm in the United States. Our cost effective professional solutions save you money and show return on investment within months, not years. DCG is approved by Microsoft as a Web Presence Developer for Microsoft FrontPageĆœ

Marketing Solutions
DCG provides clients with strategic management services with direct impact placed on marketing services. Our research skills can provide your firm with real-time product and service surveys so you can best understand your market. Our solutions provide you with relevant and cost-competitive media exposure. Most importantly we help build your brand and company image. These services and more will allow your brand and company to explode with positive results.

Networking Services
DCG designs, installs and maintains networking products and services. Our services can range from simple departmental file servers to enterprise-wide voice, data, and video networks. We also offer extensive experience installing cabling of all of the major types, including unshielded and shielded twisted pair, multi-mode and single-mode fiber optic, and coaxial cable.

Software Services
DCG has developed custom software solutions for professional results. Our software objects, enable easy implementation of legacy applications and core technologies. All DCG objects are written by master programmers from the ground up. The highly integrated, stable, secure, scalable, and robust tools are designed to work together from the onset. We also offer a end-to-end training solution with state-of-the-art computer labs offering the latest software.