Business Consulting

Create – Connect – Sync – Engage – Calibrate

Develop rewarding relationships with your customers, increase sales with special offers, and stay in touch. Post pictures, events, and news in directories and on social media. Share your latest plans and specials with Google posts and Facebook offer ads.

You provide your business info – we take care of the rest. All your data will get listed in the most important directories.

Create a new account in the Google business directory, or connect with your existing one. Similarly, create or connect with your Facebook business page. This step is optional, but strongly recommended for the best results.

From now on, whenever you want to make changes, such as to your opening hours or if you run a special offer, you only need to update it to have it reflected everywhere.

Engaging with your customers is a great way to build a sustainable relationship.

Business at the speed of thought is no longer a concept, it is an imperative strategy that requires calibration during business process reengineering.

Satisfied customers leave glowing reviews, and positive reviews drive sales. They also improve your Google ranking even more. Managing all your reviews can be a struggle. We collect them all in one place so you can respond to them directly, whether at home or on the go. You can even set up email notifications so you’re notified whenever someone reviews you.

See how relevant your business is on Google with our online visibility index. We will guide you through the process, suggesting the best next step at every turn. We provide you with statistics about visitors and clicks from Facebook and Google. Get informed automatically via email about new reviews, updated directories, and social media posts.

Entering your business details into all of the different directories yourself would take hours. We’ve solved that problem: whenever something changes, like being closed for half a day for example, just enter it once and we will sync the information across the internet.