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The Dauterman Technology Strategy Consulting (TSC) services provides certified, onsite enterprise consulting to solve your business computer problems. The engine of our TSC services is our Enterprise Strategy Consultants (ESC). All ESCs are senior-level consultants from Dauterman Consulting Group who work onsite under the supervision of the customer’s executive staff. The ESCs combine in-depth knowledge of your business and industry with a detailed understanding of Dauterman’s vision and technologies to help architect, implement, and deploy leading edge technologies.

Enterprise strategic IT planning
We will help your team assess technology needs and conduct technical feasibility analyses for implementing new technologies, including current and planned hardware and software.

Enterprise architecture planning
We will help your team develop information, network, and application architectures, including infrastructure models, application design and integration standards.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) benchmark and recommendations
We will help your team produce a baseline cost analysis and recommendations for the implementation and ongoing management of hardware and software in your environment.

Services assessment
We will help your team review internal staffing resources and make recommendations based on planned solution implementations.

Let us come to your job-site and solve the problems that are nagging your productivity.

Our consulting services are unmatched by any other provider of services. We explicitly match the talent to the need. We deliver the right people for the job so the job gets done right the first time! We have delivered successful on-site consultation to hundreds of thousands of clients and companies. Allow us to investigate your need and draft a proposal of services today! Let us come to your job-site and solve the problems that are nagging your productivity.

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