Marketing Solutions and Services

DCG provides clients with strategic management services with direct impact placed on marketing services. Our research skills can provide your firm with real-time product and service surveys so you can best understand your market. Our solutions provide you with relevant and cost-competitive media exposure. Most importantly we help build your brand and company image. These services and more will allow your brand and company to explode with positive results.


Adding to Marketing Services DCG offers more than 700,000 products to support business branding and promotional needs with a HUGE selection of promotional advertising products that can;

  • Create goodwill
  • Motivate employees
  • Encourage new customer accounts
  • Stimulate sales
  • Reinforce safety
  • Help build brand awareness

Every business and organization is a potential user of promotional products and that is why DCG provides products in the following categories;

  • Apparel including Polos, T-Shirts, Hats, Caps, and Beanies
  • Outdoors, Games, Tools
  • Bags, Backpacks, Coolers
  • Automotive
  • Office, Tech, Magnets
  • Drinkware and Travel Mugs
  • Cell Phone, Tablet, and Bluetooth Accessories
  • Kitchen and Home
  • Calendars and so much more!

Let’s help your company out price, out perform and out maneuver your competitors!

Delivered to specification, on time!

  • Google Ads Management and SEO
  • Business Vision – Providing services to ensure company and employees are moving in the same direction.
  • Competitive Channels – Ensuring and informing channels and partners with the exact same message. Technology is your investment at this state.
  • Customer Research – Real-time customer segmentation and identification allows us to build your new customer base while maximizing current customers.
  • Brand Positioning – so they are communicating effectively why they are the best solution.
  • Customer Experience and Perception – Molding these from day one is what successful marketing is all about.
  • Marketing Mentality – Getting your firm out of a rut and old routines is the crux of integration. Teaching how marketing is at the core of strategic management is what we do best.
  • Cost-effective marketing services